Front cover
Avalon cassette inlay front cover
Avalon cassette inlay front cover - click image to open a larger version in a new browser tab/window
Back cover
Avalon cassette inlay back cover
Avalon cassette inlay back cover - click image to open a larger version in a new browser tab/window
The back cover gives the player a clue to how to get off the Gatehouse Level (in the screenshot the key in the chest unlocks the door in the same room).
...You can almost hear the "Avalon - ...." lines being delivered by a film trailer voiceover artist...
There are actually 212 'standard' rooms in the game rather than 223. The additional rooms were not used and hold 'placeholder' data - see Trivia: Unused rooms.
The warlocks are referred to as 'wizards' here, but they're shown as warlocks on the map and this term seems to be most accepted so has been used for the rest of the disassembly.
Avalon scenario back story
Avalon cassette inlay scenario sheet - click image to open a larger version in a new browser tab/window
The back story is set around historical events in a particular year. The location - Avalon/Isle of Glass - is assumed to be around Glastonbury, England, although the surrounding sea on the map is described as 'ocean'.
It's not clear who the old woman is, other than she has knowledge of the quest that Maroc must undertake (defeating Avelach, Lord of Chaos).
The initial description of Maroc as a Lore Seeker, herbalist and healer, sets the scene of a novice who, after subsequently acquiring magic in the form of spells and items, becomes increasingly powerful as he delves deeper into the depths of the Citadel of Chaos.
Is it Maroc that holds this knowledge and power, or is it partly held within the mysterious oak staff donated by the old woman?
The Legend of Avalon - the poem
Avalon poem sheet - click image to open a larger version in a new browser tab/window
The first verse is another reference to the Lord of Earth, or Lord of Chaos, Avelach. Avelach is actually another name for the island of Avalon.
The Wild Hunt appears to be a reference that appears in multiple pagan/folklore cultures. It is linked to the legend of Avalon and King Arthur.
Caliburn is another name for Excalibur, King Arthur's sword of legend. The poem indicates that it is a powerful weapon. This is reflected in the game, with Caliburn the only item that can kill Avelach. During the game Maroc is pointed in the direction of Caliburn by "the Lady", presumably a reference to the Lady of the Lake
There are also references to other spells: - Amulet, which is the only spell that protects Maroc from EVERY missile - Wraithbane, a barrier-type spell that it destroys wraiths on contact
The 'cup of power' may refer to the Chalice spell which, when activated, continuously restores Maroc's energy. This may be a reference to the Chalice Well, which was reputed to have healing powers.
The reference to "a bier of burning gold" is less clear, as the Chalice is in an empty room, and located using the REVEAL spell "To find the cup" on the back wall.
The final paragraph tells the story of the aftermath of the conflict between the lorelords and Avelach and his army. After a cataclysmic battle beneath the Isle of Glass, the resulting earthquake buries everyone underground.
Avalon cassette inlay - map
Avalon map - click image to open a larger version in a new browser tab/window
The map shows each of the levels in Avalon and how they're connected, with a couple of exceptions, such as how to gain access to the Chambers of Chaos and the High Temple of Chaos. The elemental stations at the top-right give a subtle hint for this.
The depictions of the creatures of Avalon do not include the demons that appear in the High Temple of Chaos, the goblin missile throwers, or the bats/spiders appearing in the tunnel sections.